BMW 5 Series F10 LCI outter tail lights (L+R)


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BMW 5 Series F10 LCI outter tail lights (L+R)
copy of original tail lights

Absolutely new tail ights
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BMW 5 Series F10 LCI outter tail lights (L+R)


Car headlights

Car headlight – also referred to as the headlamp – is a light attached to the front part of a vehicle. The efficiency and performance of car headlights has been improving throughout the years with the introduction of new lightning technology. Vehicle headlights have different shapes and sizes and are today made from a wide range of different materials. One can choose the most suitable car headlamp based on the personal preferences, outer look, technical requirements, and other specifics. Automotive headlights also come in various wattages. With higher wattage, a light bulb produces more lumens.

A car headlight bulb has to ensure that the road in front of the driver is lit even during the darkest hours. It is not only about the on-road safety but also about the legal consequences. Car headlights have to be on and properly working at all times. It is not necessary to visit the repair shop every time a headlight bulb has to be repaired. A driver needs to know what type of the bulb will be the most ergonomic and productive option for his/her car


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BMW 5 Series F10 LCI outter tail lights (L+R)