How calculate shipping price?

Add products to cart, select your country and write post code > site automaticly calculate best shipping price to your address.

What type of headlights, LHD or RHD, offers online shop?

All the headlights that are offered on website are LHD (Left Hand Drive Countries = Right hand traffic) (in map red color). If you are unsure what type of headlights (LHD or RHD) you need, please check the link bellow to verify the headlight type by country of its use.

Selling original items?

Yes. All selling products on site is a Genuine OEM (Original equipment manufacturer).

What is payment methods available?

You can purchase products per Paysera, Credit card or Bank transfer payment methods.

How long delivery my ordering products?

If you choose Standart post > delivery time 10-14 days (Prioritare with tracking number) If you choose UPS shipping method > delivery time 2-7 days (Express faster)

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