Headlight reflectors. It happens often that car’s headlights become dimmed and not as bright as they were before. In order to figure out the reason, it is necessary to follow several simple steps. The most obvious reason is a fading bulb located inside of the headlight. Second reason is a tainted lens. Also, it is possible that the headlight reflector has become dull. Every driver understands that the bulb is the source of illumination and the lens is its protective cover. But, there is also a reflector located in the headlight which amplifies the quantity of light created by the bulb.

Naturally, like any other lightning component, headlight reflectors may be damaged which undermines their performance characteristics. With reflectors, it is most likely that they have become dull due to prolonged and heavy use. If you stumble upon this problem, there are two alternative paths for you as a driver. First, the reflectors may be re-plated by mechanics. Second, you can deal with the problem by yourself. For that, you need to polish the part to give it some shine. Still, the involvement of a professional is advised because, in such a way, the headlight reflectors are guaranteed to last longer and more efficiently.

It is also possible that the headlight reflector has been broken. Such breakage is usually caused in the course of an accident. To replace the old and damaged reflector, you have to dismount the old one from its position. To avoid even more damage, it is necessary to be careful when dismounting the broken parts. You may accidentally break the lens or the bulb itself. Also, remember to clean other parts carefully because the broken pieces may be stuck to them. The last but not the least – do not try to save on a headlight reflector. Buy the one that is required by your car manufacturer.

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