Xenon ballast headlight modules is designed to surpass OEM specifications while at the same time providing a cost-effective substitute to the factory solution. It has a surface mount of undeniable quality and through-hole particles from the top manufacturers. There is a waterproof seal placed around the casing structure. During the installation of this component, no modifications to the parts will be necessary – this is just a plug-and-play installation! Xenon ballast headlight module is suitable for both the right and left headlight of the vehicle.

In order to install the Xenon ballast headlight modules, it is necessary to first pull the cover of the bumper, then unbolt the assembly of the headlight, get rid of the old assembly, and finally fit the new structure in the same place. Since it is the component that provides power for the work of the light bulb, you would have to replace two of them on different sides of headlights if the replacement of both of them is necessary. If used properly, it makes the warning light disappear from the dash. In other words, the dipped beam error in the vehicle should be removed once the Xenon ballast headlight module is installed correctly.

Imagine a pretty common situation. The HID headlight on the passenger side is not working and you replace the bulb. Then you figure out that the problem persists. Then you definitely need a Xenon ballast headlight module, the fitment of which should be exact in order for the bulb to ignite straight away. As a result, you can go on to pass your car inspection immediately. However, be careful when trying to fit a new Xenon ballast headlight modules. First, try using it on that side of headlights that definitely works well. Afterwards, you can give a try to the old ballast on the very same side to ensure that the problem of a faulty wire burning out the bulbs is excluded.

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