Car headlights

Car headlight – also referred to as the headlamp – is a light attached to the front part of a vehicle. The efficiency and performance of car headlights has been improving throughout the years with the introduction of new lightning technology. Vehicle headlights have different shapes and sizes and are today made from a wide range of different materials. One can choose the most suitable car headlamp based on the personal preferences, outer look, technical requirements, and other specifics. Automotive headlights also come in various wattages. With higher wattage, a light bulb produces more lumens.

A car headlight bulb has to ensure that the road in front of the driver is lit even during the darkest hours. It is not only about the on-road safety but also about the legal consequences. Car headlights have to be on and properly working at all times. It is not necessary to visit the repair shop every time a headlight bulb has to be repaired. A driver needs to know what type of the bulb will be the most ergonomic and productive option for his/her car.

For example, halogen car headlights are very common because they are inexpensive even though low maintenance. Typical halogen replacement lights for most vehicles are usually 55 watts. Xenon (HID) automotive headlights are popular among mid-high end drivers of Mercedes, BMW, and Audi cars. In contrast to a halogen headlight bulb, HIDs have considerably more lumens (brightness), a longer lifetime, and use less wattage during working time. HID car headlights are usually about 35 watts. LED – also called light emitting diodes – do not need any ballast, or other unique type of wiring. Besides, since they are diode they are more resilient than xenon or halogen light bulbs. Just like with HID car headlights, a driver can buy a conversion kit if the vehicle lacks factory LED equipment. LEDs are not preferred over xenon because they are more expensive. Also, one of headlights technology is Multi beam full LED headlights, that is equipped with 84 LEDs and has 4 ballasts that calculate the perfect light beam – 100 times per second. It allows the headlight to identify where and when to send the light intensity. What is more, there is a laser technology of headlights. Laser diodes look very impressive due to small size of one laser diode. It creates a unique light steam of thousands of light dots. This headlight technology provides perfect road visibility on a road. Therefore, laser headlights consider as one of the most safety headlights technology.

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If a module ballast inserted to the headlight does not work, it is required to adapt it by programming
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