Ballast modules
Ballast modules is a necessary part of working headlights. It comes both with xenon and LED headlights. In xenon lamps, ballast headlight module is intended to outstrip OEM specifications simultaneously providing an economical substitute to the OEM model. There is a surface mount of irrefutable quality and through-hole elements from the most efficient manufacturers. There is a water-resistant seal around the casing configuration. When putting in place this component, no alterations to smaller sections will be needed – the installation is extremely simple! A ballast headlight module for xenon headlights is proper both for the right and left rear light of the vehicle.

In order to mount the Ballast modules for Xenon, it is crucial to first of all take away the cover of bumper, then unlock the structure of the headlight, get rid of the old structure, and lastly put the new assembly in that place. Because it is the element that delivers electric energy to the bulb, it is possible to replace two of them at the same time. If utilized properly, the warning light will disappear from the dash. Or, frankly speaking, the dipped beam error should disappear once the ballast headlight module for your xenon headlamps is connected in the abovementioned manner.

On the other hand, a headlight module for LED lights is required for the proper work of LED ballast. This configuration warrants a spike in voltage of the necessary size to cause ignition. They also function at high frequencies and electric voltages. Theoretically, the needed current is created by the ballast. To make the light bright enough, this energy needs to surpass the gap in the bulb. A LED Ballast modules confirms this occurs. Therefore, LED ballast headlamps preserve an arc. And, in such a way, the ballast is a totally necessary part of the lightning construction and it has to be of high quality.

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If a module ballast inserted to the headlight does not work, it is required to adapt it by programming
the headlight or to consult a car light specialist to do this work in your country.
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