BMW TMS headlight modules

BMW TMS headlight modules can be fit either on the passenger’s or on the driver’s (left or right) side of the car’s headlights. The new spare part is used in case there are malfunctioning problems with adaptive headlights. For example, a drl light may have failed, or a dipped beam may be malfunctioning, flickering or not lighting up. In such instances, you need to replace or change the original factory parts to allow the lightning system of the car to work correctly. If you ignore the problem, it will be hard for you as a driver to focus on the road and avoid an accident.

Also, there are legal consequences of driving with malfunctioning BMW TMS headlight modules during the times where there is no full visibility of the road. What is more, when you have established that you only need to change the headlight module control unit for your BMW, you do not need to spend too much money replacing the whole headlight system, even though your car dealer may suggest you do so. In such a way, the driver is a winner: he gets fully functioning headlights by only replacing the small spare part and saving his money, and at the same time gets full visibility of the road for his own and the passengers’ safety.

Frankly speaking, in case your BMW TMS headlight modules are not functioning as well as they used to function before, first of all, you should definitely check the fuse. If everything is fine there, then you have to change the factory xenon control unit box. Also, check if the ballast is ok, because many repairing shops confess that experience shows that when the headlights are not fully functional, then in 90% of cases the issue has to do with the ballast.

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