Adaptive AHL AFS headlight modules control unit ballast

Adaptive AHL AFS headlight modules – It sometimes happens that the driver gets an adaptive headlight warning. The resultant outcome is a broken headlight. You may assume that it is wrecked internally and make choices accordingly. In such case, you may be in a need of a dynamic headlight module. Its main aim is to increase the visibility in front of the car during daytime by a large proportion. It achieves this aim by modulating the incandescent light. As a result, the visibility is boosted by as much as 18%-100% of intensity in around 4 times per each second.

Let us take a look at the real life situation to see what having installed a correct and working AHL AFS Dynamic headlight module means. First of all, the driver of the car becomes as much as 10 times more visible than an average motorcycle rider. Therefore, your chances of becoming involved in the on-road collision are reduced instantly by a large percentage.

Adaptive AHL AFS headlight modules serves to permit the best potential lighting of the road based on the pace of the vehicle and its steering angle. This outcome necessitates a rotating cylinder along with the VarioX projection module to be placed between the source of luminosity and a lens. Normally, the cylinder may possess changeable contours and may be turning around its longitudinal axis. Moreover, a stepper motor control (SMC) serves to turn the cylinder in order to be placed in the needed position as soon as possible.

Adaptive AHL AFS headlight modules, in addition, serves to regulate the horizontal level of the vehicle’s headlights (for instance, from one side to another) with an aim to illuminate the interior of a bend in the case of cornering. During the system activation, mechanical calibration also happens. SMC is also turned on. Headlights may also be set into the parking position.

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