D3S 4300K Xenon Bulb High Quality


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D3S 4300K Xenon Bulb High Quality

MADE IN CHINA Top quality
ECE Marking : D3S
Voltage: 12V
Power: 35W
Light Color: 4300K
Lifespan(Tc): 4000 hours

Attention! Component replacement or repair of a xenon system requires special knowledge, skills and security tools. Careless handling of high voltage xenon ballasts or other xenon system components can be dangerous for your health or life.
If you have never changed the xenon light bulb in your car headlights and you do not know how to do this, taking into account safety, entrust this work to professionals!

How to choose the right light bulb?

Probably the easiest way to choose a light bulb is to remove the old one from the headlight and look on the internet search for the code written on it. It will help you to find not only OSRAM bulb, but also all alternative light bulbs.


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Dimensions10 × 10 × 5 cm

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D3S 4300K Xenon Bulb High Quality