HELLA LED Ballast module control unit AUDI 4H0907472F

Hella led module condition New
Input Voltage 12 V
Country of manufacture Germany
Manufacture company HELLA
HELLA LED  placement on vehicle Left or Right front light.
product type
HELLA 4H0907472F LED Ballast module control unit

Led Ballast –  Led module – Led control unit – LED Main Light Module – LED Hauptlicht Modul – Przetwornica led – led blokas – LED uždegimo blokas – Hella led ballast – блок розжига светадиодов – основной блок розжига светадиодов

AUDI part numbers 4H0907472F, 4H0-907-472F, 4H0 907 472 F,  4H0.907.472.F, 4H0907472 F
Hella led ballast module will fit for these vehicles:
AUDI AUDI A6 2013-2016
AUDI A7 S7 RS7 2016-2017
AUDI A8 S8 2010-2016
Volkswagen VW Beetle 2014-2016
VW Golf 7 2012-2016 (GTI incl.)
VW Jetta 2014-2016
VW Touareg 2014-2016

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Weight 0,4 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 10 cm

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4H0 907 472 F

HELLA LED Ballast module control unit AUDI 4H0907472F 4H0907472


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