LED Headlight Bulbs 9012 20000LM 100W – X12 Series


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The product parameters
  • Material: High-density automotive-grade aluminum alloy
  • Light source: Customized Automotive Grade CSP3570 Chip
  • Light temperature: 6000-6500K
  • Luminous flux: 20000LM
  • Voltage: DC12-30V
  • Power: 100W
  • Heat dissipation method: Aluminum alloy copper tube + silent cooling fan
  • Operating temperature: -40°C ~ +80°C

About the X12 LED Headlights Series
  • They have a 1.5mm copper light source board which is meant for good heat conduction and more light concentration.
  • The light source is a customized CSP3570 large chip light source, noted for its high brightness.
  • The bulbs are made from a patented aluminum alloy, with a new casting process that allows for up to 98% aluminum purity.
  • The lamp holder is 360° adjustable to ensure proper light focus and distribution that meets vehicle regulations.
  • They have a pure aluminum shell and thermal conductive copper tube + silent fan for heat dissipation.
  • The external driver is a plug-and-play, easy to install, and is made of vehicle-grade aluminum alloy for good heat dissipation.
  • They are standard H4 plug type.


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LED Headlight Bulbs 9012 20000LM 100W - X12 Series


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